EUR/JPY sold down into the 61.8% Fibonacci and buyers came in to support price at 123.160 zone which was prior resistance.


EUR/JPY – Retest of 200 EMA to provide entry for long side with confirmation of bullish candle signal.



Key Points:

  • Daily – Price above 200 EMA
  • Daily – Price below 50 EMA – Strong resistance so caution
  • Daily – RSI broke trend line and looking to pierce 50 mid-point
  • Above 200 EMA
  • Above 50 EMA
  • Price recovery at 61.8% of last range powering through to reclaim 200 EMA

Key Levels:

Support – 123.530, 50 EMA, 200 EMA

Resistance – 124.240, 124.500


Entry Zone:

Optimal entry provides the greatest reward to risk ratio while supporting entry is a zone for reversal signals.

Optimal Entry – 123.545

Supporting Entry – 123.680


Candle Reversals for entry

  • Bullish Hammer
  • Bullish Engulfing
  • Bullish Piercing


The Risk:

As traders, it is your job to mitigate the risk and only trade structures that provide high probability and great reward to risk ratios.

If you are not comfortable with defined exit levels, experiment with Moving Averages to help set solid exit rules to protect your capital.


IF: Price breaks below 123.238– this would suggest the structure is not in our favour and would be wise to reduce exposure or close the trade until a solid signal gives us reasons to re-enter.


Reward / Reward Targets:

Optimal Entry 123.545 – Target 1 124.240 = 2.8x Reward to Risk

Optimal Entry 123.545 – Target 2 124.500 = 3x Reward to Risk

Supporting Entry 123.680 – Target 1 124.240 = 1.2x Reward to Risk

Supporting Entry 123.680 – Target 2 124.500 = 1.7x Reward to Risk