“The World’s First Broker-Less Financial Trading and Betting Platform”


Spectre.ai is a revolutionary online trading platform which allows dedicated traders to operate in financial markets at high frequency with low risk.

By utilising crowd-sourced technology, Spectre.ai has been able to develop cutting-edge trading strategies which matches traders with each other on the Spectre trading platform, or an embedded liquidity pool.

Because of this, Spectre’s unique trading platform is able to ensure its customers are completely insulated from fraud, as well as supplying them with 24-hour liquidity.

Figure 1: Spectre’s user interface

In the traditionally shady Asian Market, Spectre.ai offers a high-frequency, low-risk alternative to the usual broker offering.

Why Use Spectre.ai?

No Broker

The major advantage to Spectre’s crowd-sourced technology is that traders are able to trade against each other, or directly against Spectre’s liquidity pool. This means there is no shady broker in-between; just a secure contract system which relies on a global blockchain.

As a result, Spectre offers 100% transparency with their trading, with little to no possibility of fraud.

No Deposits

Traditional brokers typically require a deposit in their chosen currency to their chosen account prior to you being allowed to begin trading.

One of the reasons Spectre.ai is so popular among traders is that their platform does not require a minimum deposit before you can begin; all you need is a digital wallet or a secure portal on Spectre.ai and you’re set to go.

It’s also worth noting here that, unlike almost all other brokers, Spectre.ai does not make money when you lose money. They simply take a technology fee (based on volume) when you trade, which means there are no account managers pestering you or salespeople trying to sell you things.

To see how Spectre.ai’s fees stack up to their competition, click here.

Fully Shariah Compliant

While some brokers offer specific Shariah-compliant accounts, the Spectre.ai platform is fully in tune with Shariah law and charges no fees on any trades.

This allows their Islamic clients to honour their faith and trade fairly and ethically on the Spectre.ai platform. There are no hidden costs, and trading on Spectre is interest-free and clear of fraud.

These advantageous conditions are available to ALL clients, not just those of the Muslim faith.

High Tech Verification Systems

Traditionally, a trading settlement will occur behind closed doors, or sometimes not at all.

On Spectre.ai, however, every single trade and transaction conducted on their online platform is recorded and placed on a fully transparent digital ledger, which is aggregated every 24 hours and verified independently.

A network of nodes across the world verify every single trade entry and exit, using a complex web of independent third party verifications of exit and entry prices, as well as debits and credits to trader accounts.

As it stands, Spectre.ai is currently the first and only trading platform in the world that offers a global audit trail.

Unique, Specialised Range of Contracts

On Spectre.ai, retail traders are able to trade in Digital Contracts.

Digital contracts are a new type of contract class, which has a verified outcome resulting in payouts of over 400% within a second.

Digital contracts can be traded on a wide range of assets, including traditional currency pairs and a whole bunch of other assets as well.

As well as these cutting edge contracts, Spectre.ai also offers more traditional types of A-Book FX trading.

To see Spectre.ai’s fee schedule relative to the competition, click here.

Constant, Live, Crowdsourced Liquidity

Spectre’s liquidity pool – which acts as a counterparty to all trades on their platform – is always shown live to all traders.

What this means is that (no matter the number of people trading) Spectre always has liquidity available, which is protected and can ensure traders the longterm security they need.

Traders have the option to trade against each other (P2P) or against Spectre.ai’s liquidity pool. No trader is thus up against a shady broker balance sheet, which you can’t see and don’t know whether they’ll pay you out or not.

Spectre itself and the traders on its platform do not have any access to this crowdsourced liquidity pool; only next-gen immutable contracts are able to take funds out or sends from to the pool.

Wide-Ranging Assets

Spectre.ai’s unique platform allows for synthetic ownership of a huge range of assets.

This means asset classes like currencies, stocks, ETFs, indices and bonds – as well as many more – are all available, while Digital Contracts and CFDs are also open on an ever-increasing set of assets.