Netflix Stock Rebounds to All-Time High on Epidemic

The Netflix stock price has recovered the majority of losses generated in early March on the coronavirus related selloff. The streaming company has recently experienced robust growth in demand due to lockdowns around the world.

Its shares bounced back to $375 after plummeting below the $300 level last month, while the S&P 500 and NASDAQ are still down close to 20%.

Netflix shares are currently down slightly from an all-time high of $390.    

Market analysts are expecting record viewing numbers for Netflix in the coming quarters with so much of the public being forced to stay at home, which is also increasing user engagement numbers across social media and streaming platforms.

While Netflix has temporarily halted production activities amid the virus outbreak, they believe they have enough content for several months.

$NFLX Netflix Share Price
$NFLX Netflix Share Price 01/04/2020

“Netflix has seen a sharp growth in Hong Kong and South Korea, indicating first-time app downloads inflected positively starting in January and continued into March. That’s not likely driven by content releases,”

Analyst Douglas Mitchelson writes, “the data from SensorTower indicates a 57% increase in first-time downloads in Italy and a 34% jump in Spain”. 

Data suggests a 57% increase in first-time downloads in Italy and a 34% jump in Spain for Netflix

Netflix had generated negative $3.3bn of free cash flow last year, while it anticipates free cash flows to improve to $2.5bn this year. 

“Our plan is to continually improve FCF each year and to move slowly toward FCF positive. For 2020, we currently forecast FCF of approximately negative $2.5bn. Along the way, we’ll continue to use the debt market to finance our investment needs as we did in Q4’19,” the company said.

It reported 550 thousand U.S. and Canadian streaming additions in the fourth quarter of last year. International streaming additions jumped 8.33 million compared to guidance of 7 million.

Total memberships stood around 167 million at the end of the quarter. The company expects to reach 175 million subscribers by the end of the next quarter.



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