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We started Trade The Day with a single goal in mind:

Make Trading More Accessible.


We will achieve this goal by creating and sharing trading tutorials that are easy to use and understand while giving our recommendations amongst all the noise in the financial markets.

We wanted to create something we wish we had when we first started trading.

Who Should Use Trade The Day?

Trade the day is for traders looking to level-up their trading abilities, get started into trading or build upon trading strategies and take yourself from expert to pro. We cater for all levels.

Read market analysis, find reliable information to assess brokers. Keep up to speed with trading news, breaking news and significant global trading events.

We cater for advanced day traders, through to non-techy traders who are looking to take their first step and invest in the financial markets.

We believe in helping traders compete with big guys.


So, who is Trade the Day for? If, at any time, during your trading journey, you’ve asked yourself:

How do I start trading?
What is Forex trading?
How can I trade Forex?
How much money can I make trading?
How much money do I need to start trading?
Which broker do I use when trading the financial markets?
How do I pick the best broker for me?
What are the best techniques to use when trading Forex?
Which trading platform should I choose for trading the markets?

Or you have any other trading question, then Trade the Day is the place to be.

At Trade the Day, We Have:

News – This is where the latest news that impacts the global trading markers is posted
Market Analysis – What are the markets doing? How are they expected to perform?
Technical Analysis – Read traders charts on where the markets are going
Trade-Ideas – Ideas on what trades might be worth entering and risk assessment around these
A Trading Glossary – The best place for traders to start and familiarize themselves with all trading lingo
A huge education resource and a range of free learn-to-trade courses, including the popular “Zero to Pro”

Take a look at some of our most popular trading tutorials:

How to Start Trading
What is Forex Trading?
How to pick the Right Broker
How does Forex Trading work?

Need Help With Something Else?

Trade The Day has thousands of articles, and we likely have an answer to your question.

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You can also send us your questions using our contact form, and we will answer your inquiry directly.

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