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Welcome to the most comprehensive eToro review for trading in 2021. We’ll cover absolutely everything you need to know about eToro and help you decide if eToro the right broker for you.

In this review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about eToro so you can decide if they’re a good choice for you.

eToro’s main positioning statement is “The world’s leading social investment network” with the objective of “Helping investors make more informed investment decisions and connect with the world’s markets.” which is a fair position that we welcome.

Let’s see what they mean.

eToro Summary

Broker Feature eToro
💰 Maximum Leverage: 30:1
💳 Minimum Deposit: $200
💹 Instruments: Stocks, Crypto, Forex, CFDs, ETFs +
💻 Trading Platforms: eToro, eToroX, Social Trading +
📊 Allows Hedging: Yes
📈 Allows Scalping: No
🎟 Demo Account: Yes, $100,000 "practice account"
🇺🇸 US Clients: Yes, for crypto trading (Stocks in 2021)
🗓 Founded: 2006
🏢 Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus
🏛 Regulation: CySEC, FCA, FinCEN, ASIC, MiFID II

eToro Rating

  • Presentation
  • Safety and Regulation
  • Financial Instruments
  • Unique Features
  • International Presence
  • Accounts
  • Fees
  • Depostis & Withdrawals
  • Platforms
  • Education
  • Customer Support
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Awards
  • Trading Experience

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What was established as a small, run-of-the-mill Forex broker, became the world-renowned FinTech goliath eToro.

eToro offers the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, forex, indices and ETFs from anywhere in the world. eToro is one of the pioneers of social trading.

With a global community of over more than 13 million users, eToro successfully built the largest social trading network in the trading industry. As of May, 2021, they have branches in the UK, Cyprus, Russia, Australia and the US. Since 2018, eToro has offered cryptocurrency trading services to US clients.

Founded in 2007 in Israel, under the brand name of RetailFX, eToro evolved into a FinTech company supporting investors to make the transition from traditional assets to newer ones like blockchain technologies.

eToro is among the very few, if not the only place where you can hold underlying assets like stocks and cryptocurrencies within the same account.

They rank highly at the top of trader preferences because of their intuitive trading platform that integrates social trading capabilities, an extended offer of cryptocurrencies, crypto exchange and wallet, and zero commissions for buying stocks.

eToro Review - eToro home page

The eToro group provides the following services under the same umbrella: the eToro Platform, a multi-asset environment dedicated to investing and trading, and eToroX, the proprietary crypto exchange and crypto wallet of eToro. eToro proposes to its clients a unique trading platform – their infrastructure is built in-house it is unique and userfriendly.

As one of the trading industry leaders, eToro is regulated by the following (non-exhaustive) list of authorities: FCA, FinCEN, CySEC, ASIC and is MiFID compliant.

Being a veteran forex broker with extensive experience in the trading industry, eToro has won a series of prestigious awards. The most notable are the “Best Social Trading Platform” and the “Best Platform for Trading Cryptocurrencies” awarded by ADVFN International Financial Awards in 2019; winner of the 8th “Invest Cyprus International Investment Awards” edition.

eToro (eToro Group Limited) does not publish financial reports and, for the moment, eToro Group Limited not listed on a stock exchange, however, it is possible to read eToro (UK) Limited Companies House filing history here.

eToro (UK) limited companies house

eToro (UK) limited Companies House records

Safety and Regulation


The first criteria a reputable broker should meet is strong regulation. For the simple reason that the broker’s services can easily make or break the success of your trading activity. In addition to this, no one appreciates unwanted surprises, like not being able to withdraw funds from your trading account.

eToro has a reputation for being qualified as a safe and secure broker. Being a global broker, each branch of the group handles a different jurisdiction. eToro has licenses with:

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, having the license number FRN: 583263 for eToro UK Ltd.
  • Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) in Australia, having the AFSL license number 491139 for eToro AUS Capital Pty Ltd.
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus, having the license number 109/10 for eToro (Europe) Ltd.
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), eToro USA LLC is registered as a Money Services Business.
  • MiFID II in Europe (Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments 2014/65/EU), two branches of the eToro group, eToro UK and eToro Europe are fully compliant.
eToro (Europe) Ltd. CySec Regulation

eToro (Europe) Ltd. CySec Regulation #200585

According to regulation, in case of financial hardships or bankruptcy, eToro clients benefit from the following protection:

  • Clients trading under eToro UK are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for sums of up to £85,000
  • Clients trading under eToro Europe are covered by the Cypriot Investor Compensation Scheme for sums of up to €20,000
  • Clients trading under eToro Australia do not benefit from this protection.
  • Trading cryptocurrencies clients do not qualify for any protection

To further protect its clients, eToro has implemented the following measures:

  • Account Segregation – Clients trading funds are held in separate accounts from those belonging to the company and are not used for brokers’ own operations.
  • Negative Balance Protection – Applicable to European retail clients. Protection against negative balance means that a trader cannot lose more than the equivalent of their account balance.
eToro review FCA license

eToro – FCA Registration – #583263

Financial Instruments


eToro has a wide portfolio of trading assets to invest in capital markets. A collection of over 2,000 financial instruments could be considered more than satisfactory by the majority of investors.

With eToro, you can trade CFDs on the following asset classes: cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, indices, commodities and ETFs.

In addition to this, you can buy and hold physical assets such as stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies all within the same trading account. This is quite unique for a broker as it not only allows day trading but also long term investment strategies. The eToro offer of trading assets includes:

  • Cryptocurrencies – A comprehensive selection of over 94 instruments, comprising individual cryptocurrencies, crypto crosses and crypto-fiat currency crosses. Buying cryptocurrency without leverage means you are buying the underlying asset – eToro buys it and holds it for you. Leveraged positions are executed as CFDs. The maximum leverage allowed is 1:30.

    Trading cryptocurrencies is the powerhouse of eToro. You can access the largest selection of cryptocurrency-based instruments available on the market, including (but not limited to) the following: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, IOTA, Stellar, EOS, NEO, Tron, ZCASH and Binance Coin.

eToro review - eToro cryptocurrencies

  • Stocks – You get access to more than a thousand stocks listed on 17 stock exchanges. Remember, long positions without leverage mean that you are buying the real stock, eToro buys and holds it for you. Leveraged positions and short positions are executed as CFDs. You also have the possibility to buy fractions of a share.

    The stock exchanges included in their offering are the following: London, NYSE, Nasdaq, Paris, Euronext Brussels, Amsterdam, Euronext Lisbon, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Zurich, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Saudi Arabia. It’s worth noting that just a selection of the stocks listed on an exchange is available; these are usually the most important ones.

eToro Review - stocks, CFD, ETFs

  • Forex – 47 currency pairs (majors, minors and exotic pairs). All currency pairs are traded as a CFD product.
  • Indices – 13 stock indices are available as CFDs. One can invest in indices of the most important exchanges worldwide, among those are the following: NSDQ100, UK100, CAC40, China50, DJ30, etc.
  • Commodities – 15 commodities traded as CFDs. They include spot metals – gold, silver, energies and agricultural products.
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – 153 ETFs are included in eToro’s offer. Buying non-leveraged positions means buying the physical asset itself. Trading these assets on leverage are executed as CFDs.

When trading with eToro, you are offered the possibility of modifying the level of leverage desired when executing CFD trades.

Unique Features


Different features make a broker stand out among its competitors.

eToro offers a range of unique tools, products and services – They are a top broker of choice for traders seeking to trade cryptocurrencies and for social trading. These unique product features and benefits are the following:

  • eToro trading platform
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • eToroX
  • Social trading – CopyTrader and CopyPortfolios
  • Popular Investor Program
  • eToro Club

eToro Trading Platform

With a user-friendly and minimalist interface, the eToro proprietary platform appeals to all types of traders, beginners included.

eToro has had a strong focus on innovation and back in 2011, they came up with the OpenBook that included the CopyTrader feature offering traders the possibility to copy the trades of other profitable traders. It was a premiere in the world of trading.

Two years later the mobile versions of the platform were launched and cryptocurrencies were added to the products’ offer. CopyPortfolios – a proprietary algorithm allowing the mirroring of managed portfolios – arrived in 2016 to enrich the copy trading capabilities.

The next year saw the advent of new cryptocurrency-based investment instruments. The crypto exchange eToroX was integrated into the platform in 2019 to complete the offer.

The unquestionable strengths of eToro’s platform are:

  • The in-built social trading facilities and social sentiment data
  • Automated portfolio copy trading
  • Extended cryptocurrency based products selection
  • Possibility to own real assets within one trading account

One major plus of eToro is that they managed to build a vivid community of investors and traders that interact, socialises and shares trading strategies.

eToro – Trading Platform Dashboard and Watchlist
eToro – Trading Platform Dashboard and Watchlist

Cryptocurrency Trading

eToro is notorious for its comprehensive cryptocurrency offer of more than 100 crypto pairs. Their purpose is to address all cryptocurrency exigencies under one umbrella and one account. As a fintech leader dealing with blockchain since its inception, eToro aims to offer a complete cryptocurrency trading solution that includes:

  • Cryptocurrency trading platform, including API trading program for algorithmic traders
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Multi cryptocurrency wallet supporting more than 120 coins

The eToro Wallet offers the possibility to store, buy, transfer or receive over 120 cryptocurrencies and more than 500 crypto pairs. With an eToro wallet, you may exchange crypto for crypto via one unique private key and on-chain address. In addition to this, eToro offers cryptocurrency trading services, crypto wallet and integrated mobile app for U.S. clients.


eToroX is the blockchain branch of the eToro group and is dedicated to crypto traders. It’s a crypto to crypto exchange and is a regulated entity. eToroX shares many of the social trading features of the eToro trading platform. The exchange comprises a user-friendly interface and a mobile wallet app sustained by high-level security protocols.

At the time of writing this Forex broker review, eToroX proposes 101 digital asset pairs (crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat). And eight branded stablecoins (a “stablecoin” is a crypto pegged to a financial asset like US dollar, gold, Euro), which offers the possibility to manage volatility risks without converting assets into fiat.

eToroX branded stablecoins are:

  • USDEX – eToro United States Dollar
  • EURX – eToro Euro
  • GPBX – eToro Sterling Pound
  • JPYX – eToro Japanese Yen
  • CHFX – eToro Swiss Franc
  • CADX – eToro Canadian Dollar
  • AUDX – eToro Australian Dollar
  • NZDX – eToro New Zealand Dollar

In digital assets pegged to commodities’ prices like GOLDX (gold) and SLVRX (silver). A primary concern when using crypto exchanges and wallets is security. eToroX privileges security and includes by default data encryption protocols, secured mechanisms to prevent cyber attacks and a 3 layer identification process.

eToro – eToroX Wallet
eToro – eToroX Wallet
Social Trading – CopyTrader and CopyPortfolios
CopyTrader and CopyPortfolios are unique characteristics of eToro and the most appreciated by their traders.


This is the most popular feature of eToro. It’s embedded into their platform and allows you to choose the most profitable traders from eToro’s community and automatically copy their trades. You are in full control and may allocate a portion of your trading capital to mirror other traders’ orders. You decide when you start, stop and pause the copy action, which is the sum allocated for copy trading at any moment. You can copy up to 100 traders simultaneously.

eToro provides detailed statistics related to each trader like: monthly and yearly performance, risk score, number of trades per week, average time for order, performance on instruments, etc. Copying successful traders that have steady results, which may spear you the effort of doing extensive research yourself. In 2019, the most profitable 50 traders on eToro had an average yearly profit of 29.1 %. In addition to this, you have the possibility of becoming a popular eToro investor and be rewarded for sharing your knowledge with others.

eToro – CopyTrading Webpage
eToro – CopyTrading Webpage


Another innovative feature of eToro is CopyPortfolios, launched in 2019. CopyPortfolios is the next level of copy trading and allows investors to diversify their portfolio by copying successful traders or successful strategies. In two words, they are investment vehicles that select a collection of assets, such as an investment fund composed of CFDs. eToro financial assets included in CopyPortfolios are sorted periodically by their investment committee, following an established strategy. There are 2 types of CopyPortfolios:

Top Trader Portfolios – They are comprised of a selection of the highest performing traders on eToro

Market Portfolios – They are comprised of assets belonging to certain markets like stocks, ETFs or commodities. The assets are chosen based on a clearly established strategy.

CopyPortfolios is a great tool for investors who want to invest passively by copying the portfolios of others. This doesn’t involve much research activity. To be able to profit from the CopyPortfolios you need a minimum balance of $5,000.

eToro – CopyPortfolios Webpage
eToro – CopyPortfolios Webpage

Popular Investor Program

In addition to their most popular tool, CopyTrader, eToro rewards performing traders and investors. Therefore, highly profitable traders can enjoy a new stream of revenue. If you become a “Popular Investor” of eToro you will receive a 2% annual fee of the total volume traded by your followers. This fee is paid monthly.

The program has 4 levels of difficulty, which are based on various criteria: cadet, rising star, champion and elite. The “Popular Investor Program” is subject to “Terms and Conditions”, so before applying to be sure to check them.

eToro Club

Potential traders and investors reading an eToro broker review will discover another interesting unique feature: eToro Club. eToro Club offers a set of dedicated services to clients that are ranked based on their trading balance, meant to enhance their trading experience and provide personalised advanced services.

eToro Club aims to offer a premium investment experience and helps clients navigate their way through the expansive range of financial markets offered by eToro. Here are some of the advantages of being an eToro Club member:

Favourable Financing – Reduced conversion fees; zero commissions when investing in stocks; clients trading under CySEC receive capital credit lines with advantageous rates.
Expert Investment Support – eToro’s team of experts is at your disposal and you can consult with your Account Manager and participate in live webcasts; access free prominent analytics and research tools, such as The Financial Times and Trading Central.
Premium Analysis Tools – Privileged access to new features, assets and products; receive exclusive access to eToro’s partners: Trading Central (insights, market analysis, newsletters and expert investing tips from an industry leader) and Delta PRO Crypto Portfolio Tracker (advanced portfolio metrics, real-time prices, unlimited exchange, unlimited wallet connection, first access to new features)
Exclusive VIP Events – Be invited to industry events, as well as cultural and sporting events sponsored by eToro
When your account equity reaches the level required for the membership, you will automatically quality (starting from the next day):

Silver membership starts with $5,000
Gold membership starts with $10,000
Platinum membership starts with $25,000
Platinum+ membership starts with $50,000
Diamond membership starts with $250,000
Facilities available for each club membership can be found below:

International Presence


eToro is a global broker and provides services worldwide, where local legislation permits their business activity. Their Help Centre clearly indicates in which countries their services are forbidden. These are United States of America (with the exception of cryptocurrencies), Canada, Japan, Afghanistan, Albania, Barbados, Bahamas, Belarus, Botswana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Brunei, Chad, Cambodia, Crimea, Congo Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Fiji, Guinea, Guyana, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Jamaica, Iraq, Laos, Mali, Libya, Mauritius, Montenegro, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Namibia, North Macedonia, North Korea, Palau, Pakistan, Samoa, Somalia, Serbia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Vanuatu, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Yemen.

eToro offers services in 21 languages.



eToro does not clearly present the types of accounts offered, so potential clients have to hunt for this information. There is a Retail Account that is accessible to all clients and a Professional Account accessible to some. To qualify for the Professional Account a client needs to meet several criteria related to trading experience, volume of trades placed and frequency of trades. The main differences between the two accounts are:

Leverage level – for the Retail Account the maximum leverage is of 1:30 in concordance with European regulations and 1:400 for the Professional Account.
Coverage in case of financial struggle from the Investor Compensation Fund and the possibility to use the Financial Ombudsman Service for the Retail Account (European clients only). This benefit is foregone when you’re a Professional accountholder.
Negative balance protection – Applicable to Retail account holders and in very rare cases Professional accountholders.

Account Opening

Opening a live account with eToro is a simple, online procedure. Click here to create an account. An online application form will have to be completed. Like most brokers, common personal details are requested, such as your name, surname, user name, email address, phone number and password.

Before submitting your details, you should read the PDS, Terms and Conditions supplied by eToro, and consent and agree to them. As a licensed broker, eToro respects the current regulations and invites their potential clients to pass through a KYC (Know Your Client) process.

This means that prospects have to prove their identity and provide proof of residency. Full details can be found on their website. In short, the potential investor has to provide a copy of his national ID, passport or driving license and a copy of a utility bill or bank account statement.

The final step of the KYC process is a questionnaire that acts as a suitability test, which asks you about your trading and financial markets knowledge level, risk profile, investment goals, professional status, etc. The verification process may take up to several days and you will be notified by email once your account is approved. You can also follow the verification process status within the eToro platform.

You can also follow our step by step guide to opening an eToro account.

eToro – Online Account Opening
eToro – Online Account Opening

Demo Account

Just like any other reputable Forex broker, eToro offers a demo/practise account to test their services.

You can easily open one inside their web platform. eToro’s practice account comes loaded with $100,000 virtual funds. It’s highly recommended that you use the demo account of any broker you choose to trade with (prior to opening a live account), in order to test their services free of charge.

You will not be required to deposit physical funds, rather the account will be pre-loaded with virtual funds. You’re able to trial and test this new broker, without committing (financially).

If you’re just starting your trading activity and lack the basics and minimal experience, the demo account is even more recommended. First, to trial and determine what it’s like to test the financial markets and secondly, learn the fundamentals and acquire the know-how needed to be successful in trading. Ultimately, it will help you decide whether trading, the broker’s platform and broker’s offering is a suitable fit for your trading needs.

The demo account is your chance to build up your trading skills for free. It’s important to remember that your losses may exceed your profits. When trading high-risk products (leveraged trading products), you should only trade with amounts of money that you can afford to lose.

Please speak to a financial advisor for expert advice on your financial situation and to determine if leveraged CFD trading is suitable for you. Learn and practise on a demo account, before progressing onto a live account. And, trade with small amounts of money initially (especially if you’re a beginner).



eToro complies with worldwide regulations and publishes detailed information on their site, relating to client fees and spreads that must be paid when using their services. To view their current fees, you must access the “Fees” section of the site. Spreads and fees are variable, but depend on the type of instrument traded, on market condition and price movements during any moment in time.

Trading Stocks
Buying Stocks
You can buy stocks through eToro by opening a non-leveraged position. You purchase the physical, underlying asset – You’re not trading on the price movements of this asset (as you do when you open a leveraged position). eToro will buy and hold the stock for you. When you purchase physical stocks through opening a non-leveraged position, you will pay zero commission. This means you will not pay any commission when opening and closing position, no ticket fee, no rollover fee, no markup fee and no management or administration fee.

For Australian clients, the zero commission offer only applies to stocks listed on the US exchanges. Other stocks on offer are available to trade only as derivative products and additional fees (such as those mentioned above) will apply. In addition to the inexpensive and cost-effective pricing for buying stocks, there are some cases where eToro proposes savings on Financial Transaction Tax and Stamp Duty, such as 1% in Ireland, 0.5% in the UK or 0.3% in France. Buying stocks with eToro has another interesting advantage, such as the possibility of buying fractional shares. You may trade any volume that you consider appropriate and receive free access to expert analysis delivered by TipRanks.

eToro – Stock Trading Webpage
eToro – Stock Trading Webpage
When trading stocks as CFDs with eToro, spreads apply and they start from 0.09%.

CFD Trading
When trading CFDs with eToro, you are trading on a high-risk leverage product and you will be required to pay a spread each time you open a position. In comparison to other brokers, eToro is perceived to be a market maker and trading CFDs with is somewhat higher.

Forex Spreads
The typical spreads for Forex CFDs start from 1 pip. For example, for AUD/USD the spread is 1 pip, for EUR/USD the spread is 3 pips, for GBP/USD the spread is 4 pips, etc.

eToro – Forex Spreads
eToro – Forex Spreads
Commodities Spreads
The spreads for commodities start at 2 pips. For example, copper’s spread is 2 pips, gold’s spread is 45 pips, the nickel futures contract has a spread of 3200 pips, etc.

Indices Spreads
The spreads for indices start at 100 pips. For example, DJ30’s spread is 600 pips, SPX500’s spread is 75 pips, China50’s spread is 1200 pips, etc.

eToro – Indices Spreads
eToro – Indices Spreads
Cryptocurrencies Spreads
Cryptocurrencies are traded as CFDs (using leverage) and their spreads are expressed as percentages. Cryptocurrency spreads often start from 0.75%. For example, the spread for Bitcoin is 0.75%, for XRP 2.45 %, for MIOTA 4.5%, etc. When selling or buying cryptocurrencies via the eToroX wallet, blockchain and wallet fees apply.

eToro – Cryptocurrency Spreads
eToro – Cryptocurrency Spreads
Also, CFD orders maintained open overnight will incur swaps. This is the cost of the leverage and you can find it listed for all instruments in the Fees section. Swaps are calculated based on LIBOR. To better understand how fees apply, you can check the examples listed on the Fees section. There are no fees of any types for CopyTrader and CopyPortfolios. eToro charges an inactivity fee of $10 a month if you have not logged in to your account for a year. As a general rule of thumb, eToro is more expensive than the majority of their competitors and this is not the main reason why traders choose eToro.

Deposits and Withdrawals


eToro offers multiple payment options that you can choose from. To deposit/withdraw funds you have to login into your account, click the green button on the top right corner “Log In”, input your credentials and choose the action you want to make. You should be made aware that you can only make deposits/withdrawals through accounts that are in your name (as per your bank statement), as eToro does not process third party payments. eToro does not charge any fee for deposits, but they do charge a $5 fee for withdrawals and there is a $30 minimum withdrawal amount. The following payment options are offered:

Credit/Debit cards – Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Visa Electron, Maestro, with the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and a maximum deposit of $40,000
Wire transfer – transfers in the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP
Neteller – transfers in the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP
PayPal – transfers in the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP and AUD
Skrill – transfers in the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP
Rapid Transfer – transfers in the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP
China UnionPay – transfers in CHY from/to China
Klarna / Sofort Banking – transfers in the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP and from/to the following countries Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland
Online Banking – transfers in the following currencies IDR, MYR, PHP, THB, VND and from/to the following countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
All deposits are instant, except for those made via wire transfer and withdrawals may take up to 8 days depending on the method chosen. Subsequent deposits after the first one should be at least $200 and if you use the wire transfer, the minimum is $500.

eToro – Payment Options

It’s worth noting that eToro only has USD trading accounts. Consequently, if you make a transfer in another currency like EUR or AUD, a conversion fee of 50 pips applies. Conversion fees apply for deposits and withdrawals alike. The conversion fee varies depending on your bank account currency, so check the Fees section before making a deposit.

Minimum Deposit

Score 5 out of 5 The minimum deposit varies upon regions, but the minimum first-time deposit is of $200 for retail customers ($50 for US and Australian users) and $10,000 for corporate accounts. The minimum deposit amount required is very affordable, which makes it possible for anyone to start trading.





Customer Support


Bonuses and Promotions




Trading Experience



eToro is a multi-asset platform that offers both investing in stocks and crypto assets, as well as trading CFDs.

Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

Cryptoassets are volatile instruments that can fluctuate widely in a very short timeframe and therefore are not appropriate for all investors. Other than via CFDs, trading crypto assets is unregulated and therefore is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework.

eToroX is incorporated in Gibraltar with company number 116348 and its registered office is at 57/63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. It’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) provider licence was granted by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission in December 2018 (licence number FSC1333B).

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eToro unique in it's offering, hold and own underlying assets, follow and copy expert traders. Own Bitcoin, Read our full eToro Review before trading.

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eToro Review - The “Social Trading” Experts - Here's Why!

eToro unique in it's offering, hold and own underlying assets, follow and copy expert traders. Own Bitcoin, Read our full eToro Review before trading.

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