Forex Trading: From Zero to Pro

It’s time to gain financial independence! 

The era of corporate slavery is over. No more 8-to-5 employment!

Let’s change our life for better and stop limiting our income potential.

This is our complete step-by-step guide to learn Forex trading in the financial markets.

Our 9-lesson course will give us extensive knowledge, full skillset, and high confidence to start making profits and liberate our finances.

Part I: Understanding Forex and Financial Markets
Lesson 1: What is Forex Trading?
Lesson 2: How to Become a Forex Trader
Lesson 3: Asset Types
Lesson 4: How to Trade Forex
Part II: Becoming a Successful Forex Trader
Lesson 5: How to Analyse Financial Markets
Lesson 6: Risk Management
Lesson 7: Trading Psychology
Lesson 8: Trading Plan
Lesson 9: Forex Trading Strategies
Part III: Taking Advantage of Forex Library
Lesson 10: Forex Trading Calculations
Lesson 11: Forex Trading Glossary

Time is money!

So let’s get started immediately!



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