Trump Calls for Us Reopening. Has COVID-19 Peaked in the USA?

United States president, Donald Trump on 16 April 2020, has talked about the possible reopening of the US as he said the Coronavirus new cases have passed the peak.

The reporters at the Rose garden were briefed by trump on Wednesday that

“The data suggest that nationwide, we have passed the peak of new cases.”

“The data suggest that nationwide, we have passed the peak of new cases.” According to Deborah Birx, the US coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, there has been a decline in confirmed cases across the country in recent days.

Before trump’s release today, governors of some states like New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut already issued guidelines to the residents to wear face masks as the society comes to life in the coming weeks.

1st May 2020 was the earliest possible date chosen for the reopening of the nation.

Still, trump now said some states might open earlier than that. Most likely, the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland.

While some people believed that opening very soon may result in more deaths and complications, President Trump said:

“There is also death involved in keeping the nation closed.”

Some of the reasons President Trump suggested for the reopening include;

1. Mental health issues as there are records that suicide was exploding as the results of the standstill. 

According to the survey published on the Washington Post, the tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted recently said 45 per cent of the adults reported that the pandemic has affected their mental health.

In comparison, a significant impact on mental health reported by 19%. Black adults, Hispanic adults of women have a higher rate.

2. Job losses due to the lockdown measures and unemployment numbers are at recorded levels. It was reported that there was 17 million jobless in the US in three weeks 

According to the CCN news outlet, 16.2 million Americans won’t have a job when the economy restarts, citing Airlines, Restaurants services, and retail services like the ones likely to take a prolonged downturn.

This period may be worse for the airlines’ services than the 9/11 aftermath, which saw a fifth of the workforce out of operations. This pandemic period can be worse as there is a waning demand for their services, and the financial cost of grounding their fleet is taking a toll.

Restaurants and hospitality services are also sharply seeing a downturn as hotels sit empty amid the pandemic. Conferences and events won’t be happening at this trying moment too, which is running the services into debt and some smaller ones folding up.

Before the coronavirus spread, retail services are being hit by e-commerce, which has been leading to a smaller decrease in the services. Right now, amid the pandemic, it was reported that retail sales drop by 8.7 per cent in March.  

Lockdown will undoubtedly lead to more staggering joblessness and unemployment.

The Economist Intelligence Units (EIU) reported that the world economy could be followed by another possibly much worse downturn than the great depression.

The recovery in the global economy will be gradual, all the more so as nations will continue to lift lockdowns at different points in time.



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