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Netflix Inc. NASDAQ: NFLX

Here is a comparison by the numbers…

Netflix: 200 million paid subscribers
Amazon: 150 million paid subscribers
Disney+: 87 million paid subscribers
HBO: 57 million paid subscribers
Apple TV+: 40 million paid subscribers
Hulu: 30.4 million paid subscribers

One aspect that separates Netflix from the competition, they are a global content-generating powerhouse that not only produces unique content for US Citizens but also unique content for citizens within other countries.

Netflix provides unique content in the following countries including but not limited to…

Here is a comparison of the content creating budgets to other platforms, based on this article from

Netflix: $15B
Amazon: $6B
Apple TV+: $6B
HBO: $3.5B
Hulu: $3B
Disney+: $2.5B
Fourth-quarter earnings report released on 1/19 with great news. Here are a few highlights within this article from CNBC…

Netflix surpassed 200 million subscribers, further separating themselves from the competition.
They will soon be cash flow positive, bringing an end to borrowing money for growth.
Although EPS has fallen slightly, Revenues have increased.
Netflix CFO Spencer Neumann also had some encouraging words for investors. He stated:

“We put a premium on balance sheet flexibility, so we’re going to continue to invest aggressively into the growth opportunities that we see and that’s always going to come first,” he said. “But beyond that, if we have excess cash, we’ll return it to shareholders through a share buyback program.”

What he is eluding to is a continued focus on ROIC (Return on Invested Capital). Netflix will continue to allocate capital to profitable investments.

With a score from our trading analysts, the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet are very strong. When you look at the WHY page in TYKR, you can see the ROIC is 5/6, Equity Growth Rate is 3/3, the EPS Growth Rate is 2/3, the Sales Growth Rate is 2/3, and the Cash Growth Rate is 3/3. With a MOS of 99%, this stock has a lot of upside potential.

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