easyMarkets are they actually “easy”?

easyMarkets is a regulated broker with powerful and unique risk management tools for traders.

easyMarkets has been providing forex trading services, including auto-trading and advanced trading tools, to a global audience since 2001. They have built a large and loyal customer base by offering competitive spreads and excellent customer service.

Simply honest.” is their philosophy… The question is, does easyMarkets stack up to that?

Let’s find out:

Broker Feature easyMarkets
💰 Maximum Leverage: 400:1
💳 Minimum Deposit: $100
💹 Instruments: Forex, Shares, Crypto, Commodities, Indices
💻 Trading Platforms: MT4, easyMarkets App, Web
📊 Allows Hedging: Yes
⏱ Allows Scalping: Yes
🎟 Demo Account: Unlimited demo
🗓 Founded: 2001
🏢 Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus
🏛 Regulation: ASIC, CySEC

easyMarkets Rating

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  • Safety and Regulation
  • Financial Instruments
  • Unique Features
  • International Presence
  • Accounts
  • Fees
  • Depostis & Withdrawals
  • Platforms
  • Education
  • Customer Support
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Awards
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Overall Rating




easyMarkets, formerly EasyForex, is a regulated Forex broker operating in Europe and Australia. easyMarkets has been a broker since 2001 and is part of Blue Capital Markets Group with headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus.

easyMarkets is one of the pioneers of the Forex industry and had a mission, from its inception, to democratise access to the financial markets.

easyMarkets offers its services internationally and provides access to an array of over 200 financial instruments, including Forex and CFDs but also commodities, indices, metal, energies, agricultural products, shares and cryptocurrencies, plus vanilla options and forward Forex contracts.

Aspects of easyMarkets that gain traders’ attention are tools like their proprietary web-based platform, which is kept clean, simple and available to use immediately after you’ve signed up:

easyMarkets web trading platform

easyMarkets web trading platform

The innovative in-house trading platform of easyMarkets is focused on essentials, providing you with the tools that you need to be successful. If you prefer a more immersive experience and to use an industry-standard trading platform, easyMarkets also provides you with access to the famous MetaTrader 4 platform with all of its options for mobile and desktop.

easyMarkets offer a series of outstanding features like Free Guaranteed Stop Loss, fixed spreads, dealCancellation, Inside Viewer and Freeze Rate:

easyMarkets platform tools

The easyMarkets website is fast, operates well, is straight forward to navigate, looks clean and works well on mobile and tablet devices. easyMarkets also have their own proprietary apps.

Using the slogan “Simply Honest”, easyMarkets has gained a reputation for simplicity and transparency.

Our first impression lived up to the slogan:

Within an hour of signing up for an account, we received a phone call from an account manager at easyMarkets. The call was helpful and the account manager discussed trading options and preferences.

easyMarkets Review Awards

easyMarkets has amassed a collection of 37 international awards in recent years. In 2019, easyMarkets won two prestigious awards: Most Innovative Broker at the World Finance Markets Awards and Best Forex Broker in 2019 at Forex Expo Dubai.

During its history, easyMarkets has executed more than 56 million orders for over 14,000 clients, reaching a trading volume that exceeds 2.9 trillion dollars.

Safety and Regulation


Safety and regulation are important when choosing your broker, we always advise paying close attention to brokers regulations to ensure there are no nasty surprises down the line. Read more about broker regulation here.

easyMarkets has had impressive longevity in the Forex brokerage industry without any significant security incidents. Overall it’s considered an average risk Forex provider.

Interestingly easyMarkets only operate under two licenses, despite operating since 2001 and having a support desk in China, they’ve maintained just two licenses. easyMarkets is regulated by the following authorities:

  • Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC) in Australia with the licence number AFSL 246566 for Easy Markets Pty Ltd in 2005
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus with the licence number 079/07 for Easy Forex Trading Ltd.
  • Compliant with MiFID II in Europe 2014/65/EU – European Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments. Being regulated by CySEC in the EU implies compliance with the European Union’s rules and regulations.
easyMarkets ASIC license

easyMarkets ASIC license

To provide supplementary protection for its clients’ funds, easyMarkets has implemented segregated accounts measures.

This means that if the company ever faces financial trouble, clients’ funds will not be affected as they are kept in separate accounts. Those funds are deposited with prominent global banks recognised for their low risk.

easyMarkets also implements negative balance protection rules. This means you cannot lose more money than your current account balance, no matter how wildly the market fluctuates.

easyMarkets Review Safety and Regulation

At the time of writing, easyMarkets is not a publicly-traded company and consequently does not publish activity reports. However, they do adhere to the digital security stipulations – Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and KYC (Know Your Client) rules.

Financial Instruments


As of 2019, easyMarkets’ offer of financial instruments covers over 200 products, which is a somewhat smaller offering when placed in comparison to other leading brokers. The easyMarkets asset offering does include Forex pairs, Forex forward contracts, indices, stocks, precious metals, commodities, vanilla options and cryptocurrencies. If you chose easyMarkets you get access to the following instruments:

  • Forex – 136 pairs (CFDs) comprising major pairs, minor and exotic pairs, traded under the form of vanilla options, forwards or spot
  • FX forward contracts – 37 instruments
  • Cryptocurrencies – 3 CFDs on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple
  • Shares – a very selective collection of 53 CFDs on stocks
  • Precious metals – 21 CFDs crosses currency/metal
  • Commodities – 12 instruments: 5 energy commodities and 7 agricultural products
  • Indices – 15, including China 50
  • Vanilla options – 30 products

Unique Features


Each Forex broker makes a concerted effort to offer distinctive features in comparison with its competition – particularly the more prominent and multi-awarded brokers – and easyMarkets is no exception. The most sought-after, unique features of easyMarkets are:

Freeze Rate
Inside Viewer
Fixed spreads
DealCancellation – Cancel Opened Trades Within One Hour
This is a very interesting characteristic of easyMarkets. While using their proprietary platform, traders have the option to cancel a trade within the first hour after opening it. This can be a very handy method to avoid losses. Before opening the position the trader has to activate the “dealCancellation” option and will be charged a small premium, meaning a slightly higher spread. When a trade is placed on the market and the dealCancellation option is activated, a countdown clock will be visible showing the time left to use this option. It is also worth mentioning that if a stop loss is hit within that 60 minutes interval and the DealCancellation option is on, the loss will be cancelled and the money returned into the traders’ account. This feature is of great help for both beginners and fundamental traders who trade during periods of uncertainty, e.g. when the leaders of central banks are making speeches or unexpected world events occur, e.g. the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 or the election of Donald Trump in 2016. DealCancellation can be a helpful tool to manage risks while trading in financial markets.

easyMarkets how to use dealCancellation (figure 4)
Figure 4: How to use dealCancellation
Freeze Rate
Another key feature of easyMarkets, is the Freeze Rate. Freeze Rate allows a trader to freeze live prices for a few seconds and carry out trades at that frozen price. When the price on the market shifts in the brief period, easyMarkets will execute your order placed at the frozen rate. This option is valid only on easyMarkets’ proprietary platform and needs to be activated by clicking on the “Freeze Rate” button before executing an order. It’s possible to freeze a rate multiple times, but a trader may experience small delays until the price is updated. This option of freezing a quote at a certain level for three seconds may provide a trader with a significant advantage in volatile markets or uncertain times.

easyMarkets how to use Freeze Rate tool (figure 5)
Figure 5: how to use Freeze Rate tool
Inside Viewer
Another interesting easyMarkets tool is “Inside Viewer”, a market sentiment indicator that presents insights on other traders’ preferences on the market at any particular moment. Inside Viewer is present by default on the interface of the web-based platform of easyMarkets.

easyTrade is another innovative feature of easyMarkets which helps traders with risk management. Using easyTrade, a trader can indicate a maximum level of capital that he is prepared to risk on a certain trade and this level will not be exceeded. The trader will also have the option to choose the leverage ratio as a function of the market’s volatility conditions. The main advantage of easyTrade is that a trader can set from the start of a trade the amount of money they want to risk and the expiry time for the trade. Hence, the trader’s risk is limited and the potential of profit remains untouched if the market moves in the expected direction. Once an order is placed into the market via easyTrade, the trader can close it at any time before the expiry time elapses, or it will be closed automatically at the end of that set interval.

easyMarkets easyTrade explained (figure 6)
Figure 6: easyTrade explained
Fixed Spreads
The spread is the broker’s fee and is the difference between the ask and bid price. Most brokers use variable spreads but a small number of others offer fixed spreads. easyMarkets offers fixed spreads, meaning the cost of a transaction remains the same no matter the market conditions (e.g. volatility or liquidity). Fixed spreads provide improved transparency behind trading activity costs, whilst also making trading more predictable. A fixed spread does not change for a certain instrument, e.g. EUR/USD, but of course, is different for various instruments – e.g. EUR/USD and GBP/JPY will have different spreads.

easyMarkets’ Risk Management Tools
easyMarkets offer a handful of tools to help traders assess their risk while trading in financial markets:

Free Guaranteed Stop Loss
Negative Balance Protection
No Slippage
Free Guaranteed Stop Loss
This is a feature unique to easyMarkets and you will not find it with most other brokers. It is available on their web-platform but not on MT4. A guaranteed stop loss is a form of safety insurance, which ensures a trade will be closed at a predetermined level. Using a stop loss is a widely recommended risk management practice, making sure that a trader will not lose more than the maximum amount allowed by the stop loss. Guaranteed stops are very valuable during turbulent and high volatility times, when markets may have sharp ebbs and flows. While all brokers offer stop loss orders, they are not guaranteed. This means the broker will do his best to close your transaction at the requested level, but if that isn’t possible you will assume the loss. A guaranteed stop means that – no matter the market conditions – the broker closes your order at the level of the stop loss.

Negative Balance Protection
This risk management characteristic means that you will not lose more money than you have in your trading account. If your balance drops below the margin requirements, easyMarkets commits to close your trades when your account reaches zero. The guaranteed negative balance protects traders from unforeseen drops in their orders during high volatility moments.

No Slippage
easyMarkets guarantees that your trades will be executed at the price you indicate. Particularly during unexpected economic events, traders tend to suffer from slippage, meaning the order is executed at a different price from when it was placed. This is not expected to happen while trading with easyMarkets.

International Presence


easyMarkets provides services internationally and in 7 different languages. easyMarkets’ services are not available in the following countries: United States, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Canada, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Cambodia, Guinea Bissau, Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkmenistan, Haiti, Angola, Republic of Congo, North Korea, Chad and Burundi.



Markets offers its clients three types of accounts:

Standard Account
easyMarkets standard account (figure 8)
Figure 8: Standard account
Professional account
easyMarkets professional account (figure 9)
Figure 9: Professional account
VIP account
easyMarkets VIP account (figure 10)
Figure 10: VIP account
Standard Account
The easyMarkets Standard Account has the following features:

Works on MT4 and easyMarkets web platform
Has a minimum transaction size of 0.01 lots on MT4 and 0.05 lots on easyMarkets’ web platform
Fixed spreads of 0.9 pips on EUR/USD on MT4 and 1 pip on easyMarkets’ web platform
Minimum deposit of 100 euro
Maximum leverage of 1:30
Guaranteed stop loss and no slippage on easyMarkets web platform
Account currencies may be EUR, CAD, CZK, JPY, NZD, USD, SGD, CHF, GBP, MXN, AUD, PLN, TRY, CNY, HKD, NOK, SEK, ZAR
Professional Account
Experienced traders aiming to reach professional level have at their disposal a tailored account which is adequate for their requirements. This account avoids most restrictions in place for retail accounts. Highly experienced traders have access to higher leverage, lower margin requirements and cash rebates. To qualify for a professional account you need to meet two of the following three criteria:

Dispose of a financial portfolio superior to €500,000, deposits included
Financial industry experience with minimum one year in a professional position that implies financial market knowledge
Trading experience evidenced by large trades in the past year, with a frequency of 10 trades per quarter (average).
VIP Account
VIP customers are able to access the best trading conditions that easyMarkets has to offer plus a series of specific benefits. To become a VIP client you need to deposit a minimum of 10,000 Euros into your trading account. Advantages of a VIP account:

Tightest fixed spreads offered
A dedicated personal analyst
Personalised and exclusive service
Real time analytics tools, including real-time SMS market updates
Trading by phone
easyMarkets also provide demo accounts for all clients.

Account Opening
The easiest way to open an easyMarkets account is to click on the green button “Start Here”, which you will see in the upper right-hand corner of the site.

How to open an easyMarket account (figure 11)
Figure 11: Opening an easyMarket account
Fill in the form or use a Facebook or Google account to sign in. With the next click, an easyMarkets account is created and you will be able to login into the web-based trading platform. In the top right corner, you will find a menu that allows you to upload documents, edit your profile, view reports, deposit and withdraw funds, among other tools. If your platform of choice is MT4, you will need to access register your account and download and install the MetaTrader platform. Follow the prompts on the website and in a few minutes, you will be able to open the account and access MetaTrader. In accordance with the regulations imposed by its regulators, easyMarkets has in place a compliance check to ensure:

you are a real person;
you have the capacity to trade; and
you understand the risks associated with trading.
Thus, you will need to upload a proof of your identity (passport, national ID or driving license) and a proof of address (bank statement or bill). The account opening process involves also a questionnaire that will require information regarding your financial profile; risk profile; financial market knowledge and experience; and a knowledge test. You will be able to use the MT4 platform and easyMarkets platform right away with a demo account. To start trading with real capital, though, you will need to wait for the approval of the compliance process, which can take a few days.

Demo Account
Like all Forex brokers claiming a prominent position within the trading industry, easyMarkets provides potential clients free access to a demo account, preloaded with a virtual sum of $10,000. To open a demo account with easyMarkets, after you complete the form to open an account (as indicated above), click on the Menu button on the upper right corner and move the slider in the Account section to “Demo”. You will be given access right away to a demo account. Demo accounts are virtual accounts providing the possibility to trade in financial markets in real markets conditions without risking any capital. It’s a tool of great help for beginners to get an exact feel of what exactly trading entails. It’s highly recommended to use a demo account either when you just begin trading, or when you want to test new tools or new trading strategies. Trading in financial markets is a high-risk activity that may bring a high profit, but you also have the risk of partially (or even totally) losing your money. That’s why it’s always advisable to test yourself on a demo account for a while, trying out your strategies and sharpening your trading abilities. When you decide you are ready to pass to a real trading account, always start small and deposit more funds as you improve your results. Always keep in mind that you should only trade with amounts of money that you can afford to lose, not the funds that you need to cover your current expenses.



Spreads are how brokers are remunerated for their services, which is a pretty simple reason why most brokers will charge spreads. The spread is typically the difference between the bid and the asking price of a certain instrument. easyMarkets charges fixed spreads, which is a rarity within the industry as most brokers charge variable spreads. easyMarkets has no other commissions on trades and has no other fees. They will, however, also charge swaps for trades carried overnight. Fixed spreads, as the name suggests, mean that the spread remains constant and does not change, no matter the market conditions. As a consequence, traders that prefer fixed spreads have the advantage of knowing exactly what their trading costs are at any given moment. In general, fixed spreads are higher than variable spreads in normal conditions, but most of the time they are significantly smaller in high volatility markets or during uncertain, turbulent times. easyMarkets offers fixed spreads on all its accounts. The best-value spreads they offer are on the VIP platform. Concerning leverage, it’s worth mentioning that this is a trading factor which varies between instruments, so it is always wise to check what the leverage is when trading on a new financial instrument. Leverage is a useful tool as it allows the possibility to trade larger amounts than the deposit. For example, a leverage of 1:400 offers a trader the option to trade the sum of their investment multiplied by 400. So, if a trader deposits $1,000, with leverage of 1:400 they can trade the equivalent of $400,000 worth of that particular instrument. In practice, leverage translates into large profits or losses on small movements of the price. Leverage can amplify profits, but also losses, and in general, it amplifies the risks associated with trading activity. In order to comply with regulations, easyMarkets offers leverage of between 1:10 and 1:30 on most instruments 1:30. More significant leverage is provided on professional accounts of 1:400. Forex trading spreads Fixed spreads offered by easyMarkets start at 0.9 pips for EUR/USD on MT4 for 1 lot and the leverage offered is between 1:20 and 1:30. For details on all Forex pairs, check the table below:

easyMarkets’ spreads for forex trading (figure 12)
Figure 12: easyMarkets Forex spreads
Indices Trading Fixed spreads for trading indices vary from 1 pip on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange Index) and 1.5 pips on NDQ (Nasdaq) to 3 pips on DOW (Dow Jones). The available leverage varies between 1:10 and 1:20 on indices:

easyMarkets spreads for trading indices (figure 13)
Figure 13: easyMarkets indices spreads
Trading Options You can trade options on Forex pairs, commodities and precious metals. Spreads on options start from 0.0005 for EUR/USD. The length of the contract may vary between 1 day and 6 months and the minimum size of the contract is $5,000:

easyMarkets spreads for trading options (figure 14)
Figure 14: easyMarkets options spreads
Trading Shares at easyMarkets, shares have fixed spreads on the web platform and leverage is 1:5 for all instruments. Fixed spreads start from 0.1 for Intel shares, for example:

easyMarkets spreads for trading shares (figure 15)
Figure 15: easyMarkets shares spreads
As a general note, easyMarkets spreads are fixed but tend to be higher than most competitors with variable spreads.

Deposits and Withdrawals


In order to facilitate deposit and withdrawal operations for its clients, easyMarkets offers a selection of methods from which clients may choose. There are multiple ways for clients to deposit funds, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and several eWallets. Plus, easyMarkets doesn’t charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. Since there are no fees, traders can choose whichever method of funding their account which fits them best. As of March 2020, the Withdrawal section cannot be accessed if a trader is yet to deposit funds into their trading account. Available payment options are:

Credit/Debit Card – all payments are processed instantly and the following types of cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB for Europe & AstroPay Card (for all countries except Australia and Europe).
Online Banking – there are various online banking options that are valid just specific countries. They include: Sofort for some countries in Europe, GiroPay for Germany, iDEAL for the Netherlands, Local Bank Transfer for countries supported by Ingenico, WebMoney for all countries except APAC and Europe & BPay for APAC countries.
eWallets: Skrill and Neteller for supported countries & Fasapay for Indonesia.
Options for depositing with easyMarkets (figure 16)
Figure 16: easyMarkets deposit options
Minimum Deposit
The minimum deposit required to begin trading with easyMarkets varies with the type of account chosen. Thus, for the standard account, a minimum deposit of just 100 EUR equivalent is necessary. For a VIP account, a minimum deposit of 10,000 EUR equivalent is needed. The requirements for minimum deposits are to be found in the account types of descriptions.



Score 4.2 out of 5 easyMarkets offers its clients two major trading platforms:

easyMarkets’ HTML5 web platform, an in-house, purpose-built trading platform specifically for easyMarkets clients; and
MetaTrader 4, the renowned trading platform used by traders across the globe.
Screenshot of easyMarkets’ trading platforms (figure 17)
Figure 17: easyMarkets trading platforms
easyMarkets’ web platform
The web platform offered by easyMarkets is a clean, simple and convenient trading platform. It provides traders with all the basics they need, allowing traders to focus only on their trading activity without bells and whistles. easyMarkets’ trading platform is a highly suitable platform for beginners, however, most advanced and professional users will probably be dissatisfied with such a bare-bones platform. Regardless, the web-based easyMarkets platform does have some advantages that cannot be ignored by any level of trader:

Account management – easy and intuitive menu to deposit, withdraw, submit documents, check on history and access statements directly.
No download is necessary; the platform is accessible in a few clicks and works on any operating system.
4 types of orders: easyTrade, Day Trading, Pending Order and Forward Deals.
Several of the unique features provided by easyMarkets are accessible only on this platform: dealCancellation (option to cancel an order within an hour from the moment you placed it on the market); freeze rate (freeze a certain rate for several seconds and execute an order at that frozen rate); Easy Trade (set the interval of the trade and decide if you want to buy or sell); guaranteed stop-loss or take profit; and trade forward deals.
Ability to trade vanilla options directly within the web based easyMarkets platform.
Over 80 technical indicators, analytics tools and some drawing tools are available.
Economic calendar and news are directly available on the platform.
Screenshot of easyMarkets’ unique web platform interface (figure 18)
Figure 18: easyMarkets’ web platform
easyMarkets – Vanilla Options interface

Screenshot of easyMarkets Vanilla Options interface (figure 19)
Figure 19: easyMarkets Vanilla Options interface
easyMarkets’ MetaTrader 4
The MetaTrader family of trading platforms is the most widely used in the world. EasyMarkets provides only the MetaTrader 4 version, however some of the most interesting features in easyMarkets’ version are:

Ability to add expert advisors, indicators, signals and other apps to improve your trading activity.
Technical analysis tools like charts; by-default indicators of MT4; drawing tools and timeframes.
“One click” trading.
News available directly in the MT4 platform.
Real-time monitoring of quotes, orders and account balance.
Mobile Trading Platforms
Score 4.2 out of 5

Screenshot of easyMarkets’ mobile app and features (figure 20)
Figure 20: easyMarkets’ mobile app
easyMarkets offers two types of mobile apps for trading; their own mobile app and the mobile versions of MT4 for Android and iOS. The proprietary web platform of easyMarkets has its mobile equivalent – an app that maintains most features present on the web platform but is specially designed for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app can be easily downloaded from GooglePlay or the Apple AppStore. easyMarkets’ app has a clean and intuitive interface. Its properties include:

Live quotes for over 150 products plus ability to trade on the go;
Full charting option and the same technical analysis capabilities as the web-based version;
Full order management (including pending orders);
Particular features of easyMarkets’ web platform are also valid for the mobile app, including: dealCancellation, inside viewer, market explorer, price notification and financial calendar.
Configure Trading Accounts
Configuring your accounts with easyMarkets is a simple process. For its proprietary platform, all you need to do is an email address and password and you will be led directly into the platform. From there you can either deposit funds and upload the identity documents to have your account approved or, if you open a demo account, you are ready to start trading. There is no need to install anything. If you prefer MetaTrader 4, the process is the same as for any other broker; you begin by downloading the file and install the application by following the prompts. After you install MetaTrader 4, you need to launch it, insert your credentials and from there you will get access to all features provided by easyMarkets via MetaTrader.



Score: 2.5 out of 5

easyMarkets provides just a handful of tools to support their clients with resources and market analysis. Compared with its competitors, it’s fair to say easyMarkets offers the bare minimum in terms of training, education and other tools: The resources it does offer are:

Market news – present on the site and on the trading platforms. These news items are very important for fundamental analysis.
Financial calendar – gathers the most important scheduled economic events that might affect the markets and puts them in one spot. The calendar displays the time and date of the event, its history, volatility associated and some charts.
Forex blog – easyMarkets has a blog www.forex.info, but at this moment it is not updated and has loading issues. As such, it is not of much use for active traders
Market sentiment indicator and trading signals – provided by Trading Central
easyMarkets has a “Learn” section on its site that gathers some helpful resources for traders:

A trading course – this is a free course that teaches you the basics of trading;
Free eBooks – 10 pdf eBooks covering topics like trading, technical analysis and trading apps;
A discover series – introductory video lessons teaching the fundamentals of some of the most traded instruments (e.g. EUR/USD, oil, gold, S&P 500 etc.) and some insights concerning trading psychology;
Knowledge base – a collection of written articles about trading, including using MT4, how to get maximum profit on easyMarkets services and market analysis
Trading glossary
Economic indicators definitions



Score: 4 out of 5

easyMarkets’ client service department may be reached via a number of channels, including phone, chat, email or social media networks. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 5 days per week and speaks several languages. To contact easyMarkets, consider using:

Chat via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, live chat app or Viber. Usually they’ll receive a response.
Social media channels

Bonuses and Promotions


As a regulated broker easyMarkets is fully compliant with the regulatory rules and has no active bonus or promotional offers.



easyMarkets prides itself on having won more than 37 international awards in recent years. Among these, some of the most prominent are:

Best Forex Broker awarded by The Forex Expo – Dubai in 2019
Best APAC Region Broker awarded by ADVFN International Financial Awards in 2018
Most Innovative Broker awarded by World Finance Markets Awards in 2018
Most Transparent Broker awarded by Forex-Awards in 2017
Best Forex Service Provider awarded by FXWord China in 2017
Best Trading Platform awarded by FX Empire in 2017
Best Trading Platform Poland awarded by Global Banking & Finance Awards in 2016
Best Trading Platform UK awarded by Global Banking & Finance Awards 2016
Excellent Trading Platform awarded by JRJ.com in 2016
Golden Consumer Award awarded by Laur Konsumenta in 2016
Best FX broker 2012 awarded by East Money
Best FX broker 2012 awarded by Guangzhou Financial Expo
Best FX Platform awarded by London Investor Show FOREX Awards in 2012
Best FX Retail Broker awarded by London Investor Show FOREX Awards in 2012

Trading Experience


Trading Experience
Each trader has his own criteria and expectation from his broker. easyMarkets is one of the few brokers to offer fixed spreads, no slippage and the option to cancel an order placed on the market. These features are invaluable for beginner traders who need more experience until they begin to gain confidence. easyMarkets’ web platform is also of great assistance to beginners. easyMarkets services are broad enough to appeal to any type of trader or investor – beginner or advanced – and to any trading, however, when considering that the number of financial instruments offered is rather small, sophisticated traders may prefer another broker providing more complex offerings.

Higher spreads than the competition
A comparatively small collection of instruments
Basic research and analytics tools
Thin learning resources
Does not provide services in the US and 20 other countries
Reduced leverage
Is easyMarkets a Good Option for Me?
Choosing the best broker for a trader’s needs is a matter of personal preference and depends on a number of variables, including your goals, trading style, trading strategies, experience, etc. easyMarkets is a good option for you if you are particularly interested in its unique features (dealCancellation, fixed spreads, guaranteed stop loss) and are hunting a light, easy-to-use platform. Hence, if you are new to trading or have a conservative style that requires high-risk control, easyMarkets could be the perfect broker for you.


easyMarkets has a solid experience in the market and a long, reliable history. The number of awards they have won is proof of the quality of the service they offer. The unique features easyMarkets provide and a user-friendly web platform are the main advantages that attract traders’ attention. This easyMarkets broker review concludes that this is a safe and robust broker, particularly suited for beginners and those that prioritise risk reduction.

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